'Attention young people- 'Arterne' needs your help!

Enriching the next generation...

'Attention young people- 'Arterne' needs your help!

Arterne supports the message that 'we all have mental health' and raises awareness about how important it is within individual lives to maintain good mental health to support the notion of a happy and healthy existence.  This notion often requires support and assistance to achieve and Arterne has a wide range of accessible options which aims to promote this message for individuals and communities.  

was founded by Cindy Willcocks in 2013.

Group work

Healthy body- Healthy mind

Arterne supports schools and community agencies to develop and deliver group work for children, young people and their families

Arterne offers support for bid writing and service development  work through consultancy


  Cindy Willcocks, Arterne  


Arterne encourages young people to have a voice in local service developments and campaigns.   Have a project in mind for 'Ar-voice'?

Coming soon...


Parental Advice and Guidance for Everyone (PAGES)

Support for parets and carers


Arterne offers training packages  for professionals

(bespoke commissioned  packages available)

'Love is all there is...

before you can love another, you must first learn to love yourself'

Cindy Willcocks

Arterne Founder

Professional Training

'Attention young people- 'Arterne' needs your help!

Arterne: enriching the next generation

'Attention young people- 'Arterne' needs your help!


                                                Cindy Willcocks, Arterne Founder 2014

Dip HE Nursing (RMHN); Bsc Health Studies; PG Cert in Transformation Leadership; MA in Professional Practice

Comprehensive Diploma in Auricular Acupuncture (MSAAc.Dip); Zimabate practitioner; Basic Life Support Instructor

Cindy qualified as a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMHN) in 2000 and has since worked in a variety of community and inpatient settings, specialising in mental health and substance misuse,  from birth and beyond.  Cindy has been successful in various change management  roles and has empowered children, young people and their families to have a 'voice' in these developments, as well as working positively to reduce the stigma associated to mental health.

Arterne was created from a passion to support people to understand the importance of mental health within everyday life.  Cindy founded Arterne to support and challenge individuals and communities with the aim to enrich the next generation.

Promoting the message of 'No health without mental health', Cindy also offers a range of individual and group treatments and also works with the College of Auricular Acupuncture as a regional trainer and assessor in the South West.

'Young people's life skill group'